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Family Session & Gender Reveal | The Hernandez Family

Meet the Hernandez Family, Party of Three — soon to be Four!

We had the most PERFECT weather here in Katy this past weekend, and we took full advantage of the cool air and pleasant breezes out at the MKT caboose, depot, and then over at Katy’s Heritage Park. I enjoyed spending time with this beautiful trio — the little one is not quite two years old yet, and very curious! He had good reason — there were several other people at the locations we were shooting, all taking advantage of great weather and getting their Homecoming groups together for photos! We also had something special planned for the end of their session — a gender reveal for baby #2!

Even with a curious and active nearly-two-year-old, and parents eager to find out if they were having a boy or a girl, we got some fun photos of them as a family of three. Enjoy these sweet smiles and a wonderful moment when they found out if they were being blessed with a new little Mister or a new little Miss… 🙂blog1 blog2 blog3 blog4 blog5 blog6 blog7Thank you, Hernandez family, for coming out to meet with me! I enjoyed meeting you and I am already looking forward to our next session! 🙂


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Family | The Jacksons {Katy, TX photographer}

Meet the Jackson family!

Mom, Dad, two daughters, one fiancé, and one grandson all met with me on a threatening-to-storm evening recently to capture some time together. This is a family that loves each other through thick and thin – and who goes to great lengths to support one another. What a blessing to be a witness to their love and commitment for just a short window of time!blog1 blog2Thank you, Jacksons, for being such a fun group to work with! It was a pleasure to meet you and I hope you had a great time as well!
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Family Session & First Birthday | Donelson Family {Katy TX Family & Children Photography}

blog1 These precious babies grow so very fast! I remember being quite a bit younger and often puzzled when older relatives or friends of my parents would comment on how fast children grow, and how quickly the years pass. I must be getting older because I am now saying the same thing!

I met the Donelsons last year when it was just the two of them… right before little Hope made them a trio. I so enjoy seeing the wonder and awe of new parents with their newborns, and a year later to see those teeny babies toddling around and making their parents smile and laugh so much. Joy is very abundant with this family!blog2 blog3 Miss Hope LOVES to read, and what a better way to remember this than to capture Mom and Dad reading one of her favorites to her?!blog4 blog5 blog6 Happy First Birthday, sweet Hope! You are so precious! Thank you, Donelsons, for allowing me to once again capture a special moment for your family. 🙂blog7

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Generations | The Fisher Family

blog1 Meet the Fisher family!

Mom, Dad, their three kids and their respective “teams” were kind enough to meet with me on a lovely weekend afternoon recently and we were able to capture them all together! Team Green, Team Blue, and Team Pink had gotten together and wanted to do this for their Mom and Dad, and I think we got some great photos of this fun family.blog2 blog3 blog4 Dad brought his Harley for a few photos, and shared with me about a photo that he has of his own father’s motorcycle with himself and his siblings on the bike as small children that was taken shortly before his father passed away. Photos can help to foster such strong, sentimental memories, and his story goes a long way in reinforcing why I do what I do in photographing others … A memory on its own can fade, but a memory with a photo connected to it can endure.

Thank you, Fisher family, for allowing me to capture you at this moment in time. May you always enjoy the love of your family!blog5

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Senior Session | Holly {Katy, TX}

blog1 Meet Holly, a striking, sweet, and fun member of the Class of 2013! This super-smart, kind hearted girl has a great future ahead of her while continuing her studies at Texas A&M, pursuing oceanic engineering. (I hope I remembered that correctly, Holly!) blog2 First, this girl with the amazing blue eyes will enjoy the remainder of her senior year — and teach a bunch of swim lessons along the way. 😉

All the best to you, Holly! Thanks for allowing me to capture this monumental time of your life.blog3 blog4 blog5 blog6 blog7 blog8 blog9

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Senior Session | Lucy & Adrian {Twins}

Brace yourselves, friends.

This is gonna be a loooong post!

One session, two seniors, twins, one boy and one girl, funny-laughing-silly-awesomeness… I just couldn’t narrow down my sneak peek choices any further!

We had so much fun in various parts of old Katy this past weekend. Brother-sister dynamics are always ahem, interesting when you’re a teenager, but these two are quite amazing in how they support each other, are real with one another, and can make each other laugh with barely a glance. Lucy and Adrian, I hope you’re always able to have the kind of relationship you have now — it’s quite the treasure.

Without any more words from me… here are Lucy and Adrian! Enjoy! 🙂

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Family Session | The Hale Family

I love, love, love getting to see ‘returning’ families each year, and even more so if I get to see them more than once a year! I photographed the Hale family back in April when their youngest was a new little one, and here they are again at Christmastime! It’s amazing how much the boys have grown!

I am starting to draw this 2012 season to a close with this session and a small handful of others, and starting to shift my focus on family events, Christmas traditions, great food :), and most certainly the reason for all the celebration: Jesus’s birth and how His presence changes lives for all eternity. May you all enjoy the best of this season, and may His joy be overflowing in your homes!blog2blog1blog3blog4blog5blog6

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Family Session | Graeme’s Family

Graeme is such a happy little guy! For this session, he brought along Mom and Dad and we were able to get some great family photos. But, this sneak peek is all about Graeme’s happy little expressions … Check him (and his sweet Mom and Dad) out!That’s all for now!! 🙂



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Family Session | Blaine’s Family

Oh, how I’ve looked forward to the day that I could photograph Ryne and Erin with their child!!

Blaine has been in their hearts for longer than anyone can dare to guess, but has been in their arms since June of this year. He is beautiful, active, silly, curious, and such a joy! Blaine will be two years old at the end of this month.

I know you can’t see on this side of the computer screen, but I’m a bit teary-eyed while writing this post. We — my husband and I — as well as we — Erin and I (we’re buddies) — have prayed for this little boy for so long. We were praying for him before he was born. We prayed for him when Ryne and Erin got matched with Blaine. We prayed for him when it seemed that the day when he would be a forever part of their family seemed to get farther and farther away due to complications in the international adoption system. We rejoiced when that day came closer, and cried and went wild with joy when the day arrived! Blaine is an answered prayer and proof of God’s amazing, extravagant love for all of us.


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Family Session | The Lipperdt’s

Meet the Lipperdt family! This crew grew by two ‘feet’ with the addition of Weston about two months ago. Like so many other young families that I’ve had the honor of photographing lately, they are very busy with a 2 1/2 year old and now a two month old!

Thank you for taking an evening out of your full lives to smile for me! 🙂

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