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Family Session | The Cruz Family

Meet the Cruz family!

I am so glad we were able to meet for this session — talk about a fun, full of laughter family! Dad is certainly the quiet, strong type but he’s so loving towards his ladies and full of joy. Mom exudes a sense of peace and togetherness and would truly do anything for her family. The girls? Well, they are certainly ‘sugar and spice and everything nice’!!

Y’all, I had so much fun with you. Thanks for making me laugh (and cough — right Andrea?!), thanks for trusting me with your photos, and thanks for your friendship. Much love to you!blog blog1 blog2 blog3 blog4 blog5 blog6 blog7

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Family & Generations Session | Poppy’s Family

Last Christmas, Gary and Amy gave all of their parents a gift certificate to be used on a family session sometime this year. This was our third and last session with Gary and Amy’s family and their parents – and I think we’ve ended on a fabulous note!

Meet Wilson, also known as “Poppy” to his grandkids. He has such a great laugh and you can tell the kids all enjoy being around him! Poppy has lived in Colorado, so we chose a setting with some beautiful rocks and a waterfall. Add to that a beautiful evening and lovely family, and we had ourselves a great session! blog1 blog2 blog3 blog4

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Family Session & Gender Reveal | The Hernandez Family

Meet the Hernandez Family, Party of Three — soon to be Four!

We had the most PERFECT weather here in Katy this past weekend, and we took full advantage of the cool air and pleasant breezes out at the MKT caboose, depot, and then over at Katy’s Heritage Park. I enjoyed spending time with this beautiful trio — the little one is not quite two years old yet, and very curious! He had good reason — there were several other people at the locations we were shooting, all taking advantage of great weather and getting their Homecoming groups together for photos! We also had something special planned for the end of their session — a gender reveal for baby #2!

Even with a curious and active nearly-two-year-old, and parents eager to find out if they were having a boy or a girl, we got some fun photos of them as a family of three. Enjoy these sweet smiles and a wonderful moment when they found out if they were being blessed with a new little Mister or a new little Miss… 🙂blog1 blog2 blog3 blog4 blog5 blog6 blog7Thank you, Hernandez family, for coming out to meet with me! I enjoyed meeting you and I am already looking forward to our next session! 🙂


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Family Session | The Hegars

Words fail me when it comes to how much I love, admire, and respect this family. If you have a chance to meet – or better, get to know – the Hegars, please do. 

For now, enjoy some photos of this gorgeous family that we captured on the first truly amazing fall day around here…blog1 blog2 blog3 blog4 blog5 blog6{For a look back, here are the Hegars in years past: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012. So much fun to watch the kids grow! Each year gets better and better.}


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Generations | Nana’s Bunch {Katy, TX family photographer}

The skies cleared up for an absolutely gorgeous evening for this family! Nana was visiting her son and his family, and we capitalized on the great weather for a beautiful backyard session. What a special thing to capture the love of multiple generations!blog1 blog3 blog4 blog5

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Family | The Jacksons {Katy, TX photographer}

Meet the Jackson family!

Mom, Dad, two daughters, one fiancĂ©, and one grandson all met with me on a threatening-to-storm evening recently to capture some time together. This is a family that loves each other through thick and thin – and who goes to great lengths to support one another. What a blessing to be a witness to their love and commitment for just a short window of time!blog1 blog2Thank you, Jacksons, for being such a fun group to work with! It was a pleasure to meet you and I hope you had a great time as well!
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Generations | The Houde Family {Katy, TX photographer}

Grandparents are similar to a piece of string – handy to have around and easily wrapped around the fingers of their grandchildren.

-Author Unknown


All five of Mr. and Mrs. Houde’s grandchildren were going to be in town at once, so what better of a time to get some photos made of them all together!

It was hot and muggy out, and the younger ones weren’t having much of this photo business, but in the end I believe we got some great shots of this beautiful group of grandkids with their wonderful grandparents.blog2 Here’s Hudson…blog3 and Ava…blog4 and Graeme…blog5 and Aidan and Liam!

blog6A special thanks to Uncle Joey (or Daddy to Hudson and Ava) for his amazing skills at getting laughs and great smiles out of these adorable kiddos! It’s not easy for a 2-year old or a 5-year old to smile and enjoy themselves in 100+ degree heat, but he made it possible! Thank you!

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Generations | The Hamilton Family {Katy, TX photographer}

“A happy family is but an earlier heaven.”

-George Bernard Shaw-

The {grown} Hamilton kids gifted their dad with a family photo session this Father’s Day, and we were finally able to gather this past weekend to capture them all together. What a gorgeous family! They love to laugh and poke fun at one another, but there was no mistake about the pride that Dad (and Grandad!) felt for his family.blog1 blog2 blog3 blog4 blog5 blog6Thank you, Hamiltons, for the honor of photographing you!

{On a personal note…} I recently learned of the passing of one of my clients. While doing the session for this particular precious family, I knew this family member was ill and this was likely going to be the last time they would be photographed together with their family. Having photos of loved ones is so very important, special, and at some point, irreplaceable. If you are considering a photo session with your family, or with a certain loved one, please don’t delay. Please do not let that “last bit of baby weight/10lbs/gray hair/right season” or whatever might be your personal hesitations in being photographed with your family and loved ones stand in the way — surprise them with a session! I would be happy to help. 🙂

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Family Session & First Birthday | Donelson Family {Katy TX Family & Children Photography}

blog1 These precious babies grow so very fast! I remember being quite a bit younger and often puzzled when older relatives or friends of my parents would comment on how fast children grow, and how quickly the years pass. I must be getting older because I am now saying the same thing!

I met the Donelsons last year when it was just the two of them… right before little Hope made them a trio. I so enjoy seeing the wonder and awe of new parents with their newborns, and a year later to see those teeny babies toddling around and making their parents smile and laugh so much. Joy is very abundant with this family!blog2 blog3 Miss Hope LOVES to read, and what a better way to remember this than to capture Mom and Dad reading one of her favorites to her?!blog4 blog5 blog6 Happy First Birthday, sweet Hope! You are so precious! Thank you, Donelsons, for allowing me to once again capture a special moment for your family. 🙂blog7

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Family & First Birthday | The Watsons {Katy, TX photographer}

The Watson’s are some of the most genuine, caring people you’ll ever meet. I have loved each and every time we’ve gotten together. This session was a combination of a family session as well as a first birthday session for their youngest, Miss Gracie. Check out this amazingly gorgeous family…blog1 blog2 blog3 blog4 blog5

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