Newborn Session | Mr. Liam {Houston, TX newborn photographer}

Meet little Liam!

This nine-day-new sweet boy is definitely the apple of his parents’ eyes! He was a superstar model for me, and pretty much slept through the entire session. I so enjoyed photographing this little buddy! {I say that all the time…but newborns are just so amazingly precious and fun for me to work with!}

Enjoy!blog1 blog2 Gotta love the laid-back look, with a smirk to top it off! He knows who’s boss now… 🙂 Mom and dad said that he loves to have his hands up by his head, so that’s what we went with for several shots. Love!blog3 blog4 blog5 blog6 blog7Congratulations, E Family, on your sweet new addition!!


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Newborn Session | Miss Hattie {Katy, TX newborn photographer}

Meet this precious angel, Hattie Marie. She was exactly three weeks old on the day of our session, and was still so very tiny and dainty.

Hattie joined her mom, dad, and big brother Blaine through the incredible process of adoption almost two weeks ago. God placed her with amazing parents who have been hoping and praying for her and will love her like nobody’s business, and brother Blaine is already so caring and gentle with his little sister. I am so excited to watch her grow in this loving home!

There is so much more that I could say about Hattie and about her family, but it’s really just time for pictures. 🙂 Please enjoy the tender sweetness of Hattie Marie…blog1 blog2 blog3 blog4 blog5 blog6

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Bridal Session | Elyssa {Katy, TX photography}


Meet Elyssa, otherwise known as Lou, otherwise known as The Most Beautiful Bride in the History of Ever!

I have been patiently waiting since this past April to share these photos from Lyssa Lou’s bridal session, and since she is officially a MRS. as of today, I can now share with friends, family, and the internet what a gorgeous bride she is!

I had so much fun shooting this session with Elyssa. Her mom, Loren, and her sister, Shannon were with us, and it was a fun time of talking, laughing, and reminiscing. You see, I grew up two doors down from Elyssa and her family. In fact, Elyssa was about 18 months old when we moved to that street when I was 10 years old, and I babysat her and Shannon for quite some time. I still picture a little-bitty Lou in my mind with short blonde hair and a bow about as big as her head. She was a cutie back then, but what a gorgeous lady she is now, both inside and out.

Elyssa and Andrew, I wish you both all of God’s very best in your new marriage. May you look back at this day many years from now with fond memories, but also with the knowledge that your love has grown leaps and bounds from this point on as you journey the ups and downs of life together.blog1blog2blog3blog4blog5blog6blog7blog8blog9

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Generations | The Houde Family {Katy, TX photographer}

Grandparents are similar to a piece of string – handy to have around and easily wrapped around the fingers of their grandchildren.

-Author Unknown


All five of Mr. and Mrs. Houde’s grandchildren were going to be in town at once, so what better of a time to get some photos made of them all together!

It was hot and muggy out, and the younger ones weren’t having much of this photo business, but in the end I believe we got some great shots of this beautiful group of grandkids with their wonderful grandparents.blog2 Here’s Hudson…blog3 and Ava…blog4 and Graeme…blog5 and Aidan and Liam!

blog6A special thanks to Uncle Joey (or Daddy to Hudson and Ava) for his amazing skills at getting laughs and great smiles out of these adorable kiddos! It’s not easy for a 2-year old or a 5-year old to smile and enjoy themselves in 100+ degree heat, but he made it possible! Thank you!

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Generations | The Hamilton Family {Katy, TX photographer}

“A happy family is but an earlier heaven.”

-George Bernard Shaw-

The {grown} Hamilton kids gifted their dad with a family photo session this Father’s Day, and we were finally able to gather this past weekend to capture them all together. What a gorgeous family! They love to laugh and poke fun at one another, but there was no mistake about the pride that Dad (and Grandad!) felt for his family.blog1 blog2 blog3 blog4 blog5 blog6Thank you, Hamiltons, for the honor of photographing you!

{On a personal note…} I recently learned of the passing of one of my clients. While doing the session for this particular precious family, I knew this family member was ill and this was likely going to be the last time they would be photographed together with their family. Having photos of loved ones is so very important, special, and at some point, irreplaceable. If you are considering a photo session with your family, or with a certain loved one, please don’t delay. Please do not let that “last bit of baby weight/10lbs/gray hair/right season” or whatever might be your personal hesitations in being photographed with your family and loved ones stand in the way — surprise them with a session! I would be happy to help. 🙂

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Childhood Session | Miss Skylar {Katy & Houston TX photographer}

Well, hey there!

This blog has been quiet, but life around here has been anything but quiet lately. We recently moved into a new house, and I’ve been making my way through boxes, upon boxes, upon boxes! Our new house is starting to feel more like ‘home’ — and I’m starting to ease back into having sessions and showcasing my beautiful clients.

Here is the newly-minted 5 year old Skylar! She’s going to change the world someday, starting with Kindergarten this fall. I enjoyed meeting up with her and her mama on a {HOT} sunny morning recently, and we explored a park that is close to their home. Skylar has such a great smile and laugh, and it was especially fun to catch it on camera.

blog1 blog2 blog3 blog4

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Family Session & First Birthday | Donelson Family {Katy TX Family & Children Photography}

blog1 These precious babies grow so very fast! I remember being quite a bit younger and often puzzled when older relatives or friends of my parents would comment on how fast children grow, and how quickly the years pass. I must be getting older because I am now saying the same thing!

I met the Donelsons last year when it was just the two of them… right before little Hope made them a trio. I so enjoy seeing the wonder and awe of new parents with their newborns, and a year later to see those teeny babies toddling around and making their parents smile and laugh so much. Joy is very abundant with this family!blog2 blog3 Miss Hope LOVES to read, and what a better way to remember this than to capture Mom and Dad reading one of her favorites to her?!blog4 blog5 blog6 Happy First Birthday, sweet Hope! You are so precious! Thank you, Donelsons, for allowing me to once again capture a special moment for your family. 🙂blog7

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Family & First Birthday | The Watsons {Katy, TX photographer}

The Watson’s are some of the most genuine, caring people you’ll ever meet. I have loved each and every time we’ve gotten together. This session was a combination of a family session as well as a first birthday session for their youngest, Miss Gracie. Check out this amazingly gorgeous family…blog1 blog2 blog3 blog4 blog5

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Newborn | Mr. Landon

blog1 Never, ever, doubt a mother’s intuition!

Lindsay contacted me early this year about doing a combo package of a maternity and a newborn session, and asked several questions about how I do maternity sessions (timing in the pregnancy). I told her that I prefer to shoot a maternity session when the mama is about 34-35 weeks along with a ‘singleton’ pregnancy, when the baby bump is quite visible but she’s hopefully not terribly uncomfortable just yet. She responded that she would like to have her maternity session shot earlier than that, as she just didn’t think waiting longer would be good for her due to various pregnancy-related issues, such as swelling and discomfort. So, we went ahead and met when she was around 31-32 weeks (you can see the sneak peek of their maternity session here), and had a great time.

Wouldn’t you know… Lindsay was admitted to the hospital just days later! Little Landon was just fine, but her body was d.o.n.e. with being pregnant. 😉 She was under great care and on bed rest for a while in the hospital before delivering her sweet boy in mid-April — which leads us to his newborn session!

blog2 blog3 I adore watching new parents love on and admire their sweet new babes. What a joy and honor for me to witness! It’s that love that I strive to capture … those moments of being lost in awe, and filled with joy in seeing the newest little miracle in their lives. *swoon*blog4 blog5 blog6 This child had the best hair. Such a gorgeous boy!blog7 blog8Lindsay, I am so thankful for your intuitive spirit. I am glad that we were able to have both your maternity and newborn sessions! Thanks again for allowing me to capture such special moments in your family’s life. Many blessings to you, Luis, and little Landon!!


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Generations | The Fannin Family

blog1 A loving family is such a treasure.

Meet the Fannin family, led by Jack and Judy at the left. They have a beautiful home and property out near Fulshear, TX, where we met this past weekend for some family photos with Judy’s daughter, Amy (in the peach sweater), and her family. We dodged fire ant mounds to capture group photos, climbed on Pap’s tractor for a few shots, as well as enjoyed the cool breeze on the patio for some individual shots of Grandma and Pap together and with their grandbabies.blog2blog3 Thank you, Jack and Judy, for having me over this weekend. It’s not a secret that you love your family tremendously. I enjoyed watching you interact with your grandkids. They will always know how much you love them — and now, I hope I am able to provide photos as proof of that love.blog4