Sara Griffin

Growing up, Sara lived in several different locations throughout the United States.  Because of her exposure to many different areas of this country, she was able to see gorgeous landscapes, various peoples, and witness God’s creation in a unique manner.  Some of her earliest memories involve road trips with her family, and to this day she enjoys looking through the many pictures her parents have from their family adventures.

Sara became interested in photography while a teenager, and carried a camera with her to drill team competitions, camping trips, youth group functions, and many more places.  She basically had a camera with her at all times.  Her friends joked with her in college, saying they never had to worry about taking pictures because Sara had it covered!  However, it was with the birth of her first son in 2006 that Sara took a greater interest in the more minute details of photography.  She is on an ever-present quest for knowledge, and is continually pursuing that “great shot” in each and every situation.

Sara understands that life is filled with many wondrous moments – moments that pass all too quickly and can be forgotten if not for photos.  Because of that, she strives to capture the freshness of a newborn baby, the light in a toddler’s eyes, the essence of a preschooler’s character, the energy of a child, the independence of a teenager, and the ties that bind a family together.  Her family, consisting of her husband Ryan and young sons Caleb, Logan, and Toben, are often seen on these pages.

Sara’s favorite photos are ones that employ natural light, and thus she enjoys photographing others outdoors or using light streaming in through a window.  A self-proclaimed “sucker” for a great black and white photograph, she will often convert a color image to B&W in order to see a different take on the same image.  Maybe that’s why she’s put so many black and white photos in her portfolio…

“For no eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind conceived the things the Lord has planned for those who love Him…” 1 Corinthians 2:9

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