Bridal Session | Elyssa {Katy, TX photography}


Meet Elyssa, otherwise known as Lou, otherwise known as The Most Beautiful Bride in the History of Ever!

I have been patiently waiting since this past April to share these photos from Lyssa Lou’s bridal session, and since she is officially a MRS. as of today, I can now share with friends, family, and the internet what a gorgeous bride she is!

I had so much fun shooting this session with Elyssa. Her mom, Loren, and her sister, Shannon were with us, and it was a fun time of talking, laughing, and reminiscing. You see, I grew up two doors down from Elyssa and her family. In fact, Elyssa was about 18 months old when we moved to that street when I was 10 years old, and I babysat her and Shannon for quite some time. I still picture a little-bitty Lou in my mind with short blonde hair and a bow about as big as her head. She was a cutie back then, but what a gorgeous lady she is now, both inside and out.

Elyssa and Andrew, I wish you both all of God’s very best in your new marriage. May you look back at this day many years from now with fond memories, but also with the knowledge that your love has grown leaps and bounds from this point on as you journey the ups and downs of life together.blog1blog2blog3blog4blog5blog6blog7blog8blog9

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