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blog1 Never, ever, doubt a mother’s intuition!

Lindsay contacted me early this year about doing a combo package of a maternity and a newborn session, and asked several questions about how I do maternity sessions (timing in the pregnancy). I told her that I prefer to shoot a maternity session when the mama is about 34-35 weeks along with a ‘singleton’ pregnancy, when the baby bump is quite visible but she’s hopefully not terribly uncomfortable just yet. She responded that she would like to have her maternity session shot earlier than that, as she just didn’t think waiting longer would be good for her due to various pregnancy-related issues, such as swelling and discomfort. So, we went ahead and met when she was around 31-32 weeks (you can see the sneak peek of their maternity session here), and had a great time.

Wouldn’t you know… Lindsay was admitted to the hospital just days later! Little Landon was just fine, but her body was d.o.n.e. with being pregnant. 😉 She was under great care and on bed rest for a while in the hospital before delivering her sweet boy in mid-April — which leads us to his newborn session!

blog2 blog3 I adore watching new parents love on and admire their sweet new babes. What a joy and honor for me to witness! It’s that love that I strive to capture … those moments of being lost in awe, and filled with joy in seeing the newest little miracle in their lives. *swoon*blog4 blog5 blog6 This child had the best hair. Such a gorgeous boy!blog7 blog8Lindsay, I am so thankful for your intuitive spirit. I am glad that we were able to have both your maternity and newborn sessions! Thanks again for allowing me to capture such special moments in your family’s life. Many blessings to you, Luis, and little Landon!!


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