Family Session | Eric, Becca & Josh

Check out my nephew and his mom and dad! 🙂

This blonde-haired boy is about to be five this weekend. FIVE. My middle son turned five today. They are growing too fast! Becca and I were reminiscing this evening about how we really threw the nurses at the hospital both of us delivered our boys at for a loop — I was discharged the day that she was admitted to have Josh. Both of us got some very odd looks and questions! She had nurses saying “Mrs. Griffin… wait, didn’t you leave today?” and I had nurses stopping me when I came back to the hospital to visit and meet Josh, saying “Um, there are no returns here.” Haha!

Obviously, I digress. This post is about a beautiful branch of my family — my husband’s brother, Eric, and his little crew. I consider it an honor for anyone to ask me to take their family photographs, but for family to ask me… that adds another layer of jaw-dropping awe that I would be trusted with so much.

Thank you, Eric and Becca, for allowing me to see you through the lens and hopefully record some memories for years to come. Xoxo.

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