Newborn Session | Miss Sophie

I have had some really special sessions lately, and this one is no exception!

Meet Miss Sophie Ann, my littlest second cousin. Yep, she is my cousin’s new little baby girl — and what a sweet little girl she is! I tagged along with Sophie’s Aunt Anne to visit her just outside of Dallas, so this also makes for my first “travelling” session. 🙂

Sophie’s parents, Becky (my cousin) and Marvin, are so proud of their little pumpkin. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves…See? Isn’t she a darling little thing? In the last photo, she’s wearing her Granny’s ring that bears her birthstone, the sapphire. Sophie was born just one day before her Granny’s birthday, so they share a special birth month.

Becky and Marvin, thank you so much for allowing me to capture this moment in time for your family! Thanks also for letting me love and snuggle your little girl. She is way too sweet for words — but y’all know that already! Love you guys!


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5 thoughts on “Newborn Session | Miss Sophie

  1. Connie Obermueller says:

    Sara, These are sweet pictures of Sophie. I’m glad you made the trip to take them. We have to wait until Christmas to see her in person, but it’s nice to see her through your eyes.

    Connie Obermueller

  2. Karen Hughes says:

    Love the pics. Like the quilt Sis made too. Let me guess who picked up Sophie after the foot pic–Anne or Granny—-?

    • Karen — I think I did!
      To be fair, while we were shooting, I admit to calling the shots on who was holding Sophie and when. When I didn’t have a camera in hand or around my neck, though … you can bet it was either Granny or (more likely) Aunt Anne with her! 😉

  3. Sherri Obermueller says:

    Miss Sara, you have to admit that I shared the holding of Sophie. Don’t be letting people think I wouldn’t let anyone else hold her.

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