Family Session | Blaine’s Family

Oh, how I’ve looked forward to the day that I could photograph Ryne and Erin with their child!!

Blaine has been in their hearts for longer than anyone can dare to guess, but has been in their arms since June of this year. He is beautiful, active, silly, curious, and such a joy! Blaine will be two years old at the end of this month.

I know you can’t see on this side of the computer screen, but I’m a bit teary-eyed while writing this post. We — my husband and I — as well as we — Erin and I (we’re buddies) — have prayed for this little boy for so long. We were praying for him before he was born. We prayed for him when Ryne and Erin got matched with Blaine. We prayed for him when it seemed that the day when he would be a forever part of their family seemed to get farther and farther away due to complications in the international adoption system. We rejoiced when that day came closer, and cried and went wild with joy when the day arrived! Blaine is an answered prayer and proof of God’s amazing, extravagant love for all of us.


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