Milestone | Graeme is One!

Mr. Graeme is One Year Old!!

Graeme and his family have been so sweet and patient with me this week, as I’ve inadvertently delayed getting a sneak peek posted for them. I’ve been busy (oh, so busy) potty training my youngest — and as parents who have been through this process know, it’s very consuming! I think we’re turning a corner, praise the Lord! I will soon have a diaper-free home, hallelujah! 🙂

BUT, this post is NOT about me and my week, at all! It’s about celebrating a happy, energetic, curly-haired little boy’s first birthday! I’ve had the honor of photographing him four times over the past year. (You can see Graeme here, here, and here as well.) This past weekend we met at his grandparents’ home, as they have a gorgeous backyard where we took advantage of the huge shade trees on a hot and humid morning.

Graeme’s uncle, aunt, and their two kiddos were there as well! We were able to capture some family photos of them, as well as some of Hudson (8 months) and Ava (4 years). Such a lovely family!

Of course, we had to get some giggle time on camera of the three cousins. 🙂 So much laughter in this family — it’s wonderful!

Enjoy the sneak peek!

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