Newborn Session | Mr. Cole

Meet Mr. Cole!

This sweet boy was 15 days new on the morning of our session, and he was perfect! Before newborn sessions, I often have a conversation or email with the parents about how to prepare for our time together, and I suggest trying to keep the baby awake before my arrival and then feeding the baby either just before I arrive or right as I’m getting there and setting up for the session. A tired (but not over-tired…there is a fine line) and full baby often means a peaceful, sleeping baby for photos! Mom did a great job on both accounts with Cole, by keeping him awake and then feeding him right before I arrived. She said that giving him a bath was the trick to keeping him awake! The bonus for that was that he smelled so dreamy. 🙂

Cole slept beautifully for probably 90% of our session, with a quick break for a ‘snack’ in the middle. He couldn’t have done a better job of being a sweet little model! He sure loved being wrapped up nice and tight.Thank you for a wonderful morning of baby snuggles and great photos! Welcome to the world, little Cole!


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